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Hotel Tuscany Inn Montecatini
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Welcome to the Hotel Tuscany Inn

40 kilometers from Florence, in the heart of the Italian spa capital and just a stone's throw away from Lucca and Pistoia, delightful Northern Tuscan cities, the Hotel Tuscany Inn provides innovative hospitality made of minimal design and modern art that classifies it among the most original and popular 4-star hotels in Montecatini Terme. Panoramic restaurant, meeting room, parking for cars and buses make it the ideal location for both business and leisure trips.

Business & Conferences

The hotel is a place of absolute reference for the organization of meetings, conferences, gala dinners and other events.

The conference center has 3 rooms with adjustable walls that allow the organization of events from 10 to a maximum of 380 people.

Meeting Hub

Services & Restaurant

Art and design welcome guests to the restaurant at the Hotel Tuscany Inn, elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, enhanced by the display of various pieces from the Tuscany Inn collection. The chef's creations cover the most typical Tuscan traditions combined in a menu that ranges from Italian to international specialties and a wine list that offers the best Tuscan and foreign labels.

Hotel Services

• Meeting & conference facilities
• A la carte restaurants & bars
• 24hr Concierge
• A/C & mini bar in rooms
• Satellite TV in rooms
• Parking facilities Pia


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